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Reality is not an abstract concept. The world exists outside our heads.

Understand and shape it.

Slide 10 - The Tea Chain Navigation Home


The Tea Chain

the Physical World

You are connected
You are not alone
You are part of this world
You have the solution within you
You can make a difference
The world needs you to try

Welcome to the growing group of people on this planet who want more from life.

Get Connected
  New Orleans after the floods. Office chair outside on street. Body of a dead man wrapped in a blanket lying beside it.
Slide 11 - Cup. Water. Tea Bag. Navigation Home
Green Tea Field

Imagine a cup of tea you've made:
You took a cup
You boiled some water
You took a tea bag
Think about that tea bag...

Slide 12 - Tea Growing Navigation Home
Two woman picking tea in a field.

For the tea bag to exist, at all, humans had to plough fields, plant tea bushes and tend those bushes. Others picked the tea...

Slide 13 - Tea Processing Navigation Home

...dried, processed and packaged the tea...

A man drying tea in a factory
Slide 14 - Tea Buying Navigation Home

...transported the tea and stacked and sold you the leaves in a shop or supermarket.

Person buying tea in a supermarket.
Slide 15 - Tea Drinking Navigation Home

You are connected to all of those humans in that chain of production as without them you could have no tea bag. There may have been thousands of humans involved.

Two people having a laugh drinking tea.
Slide 16 - Tea Chain Navigation Home

Those humans have lives. They exist.

They have a direct impact on your life;
you have a teabag for your tea.

You are connected to them.
They are connected to you.

If it was not for you, using their tea bag,
their lives would be dramatically different...

Two woman picking tea in a field. A man drying tea in a factory Person buying tea in a supermarket. Two people having a laugh drinking tea.
Slide 17 - The Rest Navigation Home

And that's just the tea bag...

Think about the cup...
Think about the water...
Think about the energy supply...

How many connected humans were involved?
All this effort so you can have a cup of tea.

You are part of this collective of humanity.
You are not alone.

Welcome to the realisation!

Plastic Production Factory
Sewage Water Treatment Plant
Milk Lorry
Power Station
Container Ship
Steel Factory
Kettle On Work Surface
Truck Engine
Water Tap
Milk Carton
Tyre Manufacturers
White Sugar
Air Freight - Picture of a plane.
A Spoon
Making of plastic carton
Element inside a kettle
Sugar Harvest
A Kettle
Steel Manufacture
Sugar juice extraction
Farmer and cow in a field
Plastic Manufacturing Plant
Clay mining
Water droplet hitting surface of water.
Slide 20 - How We Operate Navigation Home


The System

How We Currently Operate

The collection of humanity on this planet, though highly efficient at getting you the basics like tea and coffee, is currently organised in a very self defeating way.

The full productive potential of humanity cannot be realised by the current system.


  Homeless man sitting outside a shop somewhere in the united states of america.
Slide 21 - Companies Navigation Home
High Rise, down town, Office Block

You and I work for different companies.

They may well be in antagonistic competition.

Companies exist only to make a profit.

Slide 22 - Research Navigation Home

For example...

Take two competing drugs companies:


Both pour millions of dollars into research and development to find the next big cure for cancer or HIV or heart disease...

Yellow Microscope representing company 2
Blue Microscope representing company 1
Slide 23 - Competition Navigation Home


...companies are in competition for profit...

Half filled flask - blue - representing company 1

One company has half of the solution...

Half filled flask - yellow - representing company 2

Fully filled flask - red - representing the collective

...another company has the other half of the solution...

...as a collective, as humanity, we have the whole solution...

Slide 24 - Wasted Time Navigation Home

...a solution that could be achieved in 5 years currently takes 10.


Collaboration can bring significant benefits to humanity in a fraction of the time.

Diagram showing one red, one yellow and one blue line. The Red line, representing the collective is 5 years long and the other two are 10 years long
Slide 25 - Mobile Phones Navigation Home

Another Example...

Mobile phone operators may erect separate masts to build their coverage footprint...

Map image showing cell phone areas. 4 masts in each area. 12 masts total.

Therefore many different masts may cover the same geographical area.

Slide 26 - Collectively Navigation Home


We, as a collective, with the same time and effort, could have covered an area 4 times larger

Map image showing cell phone areas. 1 mast in each area. 12 areas covered.

Collaboration can bring significant benefits.

Slide 27 - Bigger Picture Navigation Home

The Bigger Picture...

Wasted time and effort are just two negative aspects of capitalism...

Word cloud showing affects of capitalism Debt External Link Terrorism External Link SweatShops External Link Child Prostitution External Link Poverty External Link Global Warming External Link Political Corruption External Link Nuclear Weapons External Link Famine External Link Hospital Closures External Link Recession External Link World Wars External Link Class Systems External Link Child Labour External Link Political Prisoners External Link Water Shortages External Link De-forestation External Link Infant Mortality External Link Human Trafficking External Link Racism External Link Homelessness External Link Animal Cruelty External Link Gun Crime External Link Drug Wars External Link Human Rights Abuses External Link Pollution External Link Unemployment External Link Capitalism External Link

Our system's single minded goal of profit generation affects every human on the planet.

Slide 28 - Our Solution Navigation Home
Industrial scene. Factory pouring out pollution. Two humans on bicycles going past.

By organising as a capitalist society
we are now holding back humanity.

We are the system.
We are destroying our own planet.
We are perpetuating our own misery.
We enslave ourselves by our actions.

You are part of the solution!

Slide 30 - Imagine Navigation Home



The Future


You know capitalism works against you.

Why not consider another way?

You have everything to gain...


  Blue sky. A few white clouds. Representing a bright future.
Slide 31 - It's Simple Navigation Home


It's Simple


Organising as a collective prioritises people over profit.

For the first time in humanity's history the totality of our efforts could be focused on increasing the quality of life of every human on the planet.

Currently global production emphasises maximising profit.
Who knows what benefits collective production could bring...

  Pairs of hands, little fingers touching, forming a circle.
Slide 32 - The Benefits Navigation Home

The Benefits

A system limited by our imaginations only...

Humanity Benefit Cloud. No links. Words such as. No Debt. Religious Freedom. Peace. Equality. No Poverty etc

A new system for a new era of human production that would affect every human on the planet.

Slide 33 - Tell Me How Navigation Home

Tell me how

Understanding and acting are the keys to your goals...

Single Stick Figure representing you.

Understand - Your Impact

Various communication methods: Fax, Megaphone, Word of Mouth, Telephone, Fax, letter

Abstract image of enter key on a computer keyboard

Act - Tell Others

Act - Join Our Forum

Slide 34 - Your Impact Navigation Home

Your impact...

You are 1 of around 6,500,000,000 humans on the face of this planet.

Green man on his own representing you.
Green man, representing you, surrounding by lots of blue people, indicating humanity.

Alone you can affect very little. Together, we are an unstoppable force...

Slide 35 - Tell Others Navigation Home
      Tell Others
To create a huge impact in your life time, you only have to tell 10 people...



Graph representing what happens if you tell just 10 people and they tell just 10 people. You know. 10 People know. 100 People know. 1000 people know. 10000 People know. etc.

  In turn they tell 10 more. And so on. In just 10 steps the whole world would know!
Slide 36 - Join Our Forum Navigation Home
    Join our forum
Interacting can start here. Come and discuss in our open forum...

Abstract of humans mingling in a room chatting.

Join your fellow humans in crafting a world that we all want...what are you waiting for?

Slide 40 - Common Objections Navigation Home
Objection - I can't make a difference Link Objection - It'll never work Link Objection - This is Communism Link Objection - Competition is Good Link Objection - It's Utopian Link Objection - People Are Too Selfish Link Objection - What about Animal Farm? Link Objection - Humans are naturally greedy Link Objection - It would cost too much to tell everyone. Link Objection - You'll never get everyonen to agree. Link Objection - This is Socialism Link
Slide 41 - It'll Never Work Navigation Home
Image of first man powered aeroplane with one of the Wright brothers.

It'll never work

If you have come to the conclusion that "it'll never work" there may be many reasons that led you to that theory. It could be that you think the task is too large. You may think that people are not really ready for that kind of change. Whatever the reason you may immediately fold your arms, sit back, and do nothing.

Doing nothing may make your prediction come true as you are not helping yourself or anyone else. To affect change on the planet we, as a global collective, need the majority of humans on the planet to stand up and be counted.

By not helping to improve the situation on the planet you are potentially condemning yourself, your family and everyone you know and love to living with the consequences.

Non-action is a choice. If you are alone in this action, then you will have little impact. However, if there are many humans who choose non-action then there is a chance that "it'll never work".

To maximise the possibility of global change, surely it is better to act to "make it work"?

You can choose to act positively rather than negatively and join the rest of us who want to make a difference.

To see how easy it is to make a difference, go to the Tell Others page and join our Forum.

Whatever you can conceive, we can achieve

Slide 42 - I Can't Make a Difference Navigation Home
Iconic image of one man with a pick axe chipping away at the Berlin Wall as others look on in support.

I can't make a difference

Literally, how can you, as an individual, make a difference in this world that will have a lasting impact on your life and everyone else's around you?

The simple answer is you, alone, can't.

The impact your single life has on the planet as a whole can be mathematically equated to roughly 1/6,500,000,000th of the total impact that humanity has on the planet. If you were to die tomorrow, and we hope you don't, there would be people who know you and love you that would be directly affected but the vast majority of humans on this planet would not even notice your passing.

So as a single human you have very little impact on humanity. If you act with others you can make a huge difference.

To attain any goal in life you have to work with others. You might collaborate directly by sharing ideas and working together in a concrete way on your project or indirectly by utilising commodities produced by other humans that are unknown to you.

Therefore if your goal is to create a lasting impact in your life time then the majority of humans have to share your idea and be pulling in roughly the same direction.

For instance, say that direction was an end to war, famine, poverty, joblessness and exploitation, how would you go about getting the number of humans needed to make a difference? Well, as it so happens, it is really easy to do:

If you tell just 10 people of your idea and they are enthused by the concept and they each go on to tell just 10 people, the numbers get large, very quickly:

1 - 10 - 100 - 1,000 - 10,000 - 100,000 - 1,000,000 - 10,000,000 - 100,000,000 - 1,000,000,000 - The World.

Logically, therefore, you can actually make a difference.

Start to make that difference by joining our Forum.

Together we are an unstoppable force

Slide 43 - This is Socialism or Communism Navigation Home
The totalitarian murder Stalin with C C C P overlaid on top.

Socialism and Communism are evil

We stand together for:

  • emancipation, not enslavement
  • tolerance, not oppression
  • the end to the profit motive which curtails humanity now
  • a flat structured society, not an oppressive state
  • understanding and education, not censorship
  • accountability, not obfuscation through power
  • collaborative competition, not antagonistic competition
  • openness in communication and deed

If your concept of Socialism or Communism can not be described by all of the above statements then you cannot label this movement, or this site, Socialist or Communist, by your definition.

States which claim or have claimed to be socialist or communist have secrecy, death squads, censorship, poverty, poor technology and poor human rights records. Recognising that these aspects of society are not what you want and resolving to learn from history instead of just about it will ensure that these things never happen again.

Start to define the future by joining our Forum.

Now is the time to learn from the past
Now is the time to define the future

Slide 44 - Competition is Good Navigation Home
Image of sprinters at the start of a 100meters track.

Competition is good

In the section "How We Currently Operate" we have highlighted how inter-company competition is curtailing humanity at this stage in our evolution.

We have shown, logically, how humans are stifling technological advancements by focusing on the goal of greater and greater profits. One of the major features of "antagonistic" competition is secrecy. This secrecy is entrenched in law by constructs such as copyright, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, intellectual property rights and even the crime of industrial espionage.

In contrast to this rather secretive and limiting form of competition, there is another way to compete which we can describe as "collaborative".

An example of "collaborative competition" could be that of inter-departmental competition within a single company. For instance, Sales Team A is competing with Sales Team B for the most sales in a period. During this kind of competition ideas and techniques are often exchanged and discussed between teams to maximise sales, as the two teams share a larger goal - to maximise profit for the company and thus increase their own salaries.

You may remember examples of "collaborative competition" from your own experiences, perhaps working on assignments at school or college, or with friends as part of a leisure project. You probably discussed and shared individual ideas and synthesised new ones This may well be remembered as a highly productive and creative time in your life.

With these two examples we have shown that the idea and practice, of 'collaborative' competition, is probably familiar to you. You may even have direct personal experience of this way of working.

Some of our foremost thinkers have used the technique:

"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Sir Isaac Newton
What Newton was referring to is the fact that his work has been aided by the work of others. He would meet with like minded people, bounce ideas off of them, understand their perspective, and move his own theories forward. He likely, still wanted to be the first person to discover or state a new working theory, so he was still in competition, at least in that respect, with his peers.

We have proven that "antagonistic" competition is failing our species. We now stand on the cusp of a new collaborative way of producing commodities to meet the needs of humanity.

Join in our Forum to help shape your future and that of humanity.

Slide 45 - It's Utopian Navigation Home
Blue sky with a few light white clouds.

It's Utopian

To label an idea as "utopian" can be a dismissive gesture, implying that the concepts set out in the idea are unattainable.

This movement aims for the following outcomes:

  • An end to all wars
  • An end to all famine
  • An end to joblessness
  • To limit uncertainty
  • To realise our full potential

Surely you want these things too?

This site embodies these goals and ideas. If you feel that these outcomes are not attainable then we encourage you to look around the site and engage with the members of the movement who are working towards these very ideals.

By engaging with your fellow human, on this site and elsewhere, you may be able to understand, logically, how we can achieve these goals, together.

The best place to start your interaction is on our Forum.

You can have it all

Slide 46 - Humans are Too Greedy or Selfish Navigation Home
A field of solar panels.

Humans are too selfish and greedy...

This is the idea that a human being, as an individual is too selfish and too greedy to ever act in the best interests of others. If you hold this thought to be true, you're not alone. So let us analyse the premise from a few different perspectives.

First, lets look at it from the point of view of "what you'd like" from this life. This is a thought exercise now; just think of 5 things you want for yourself out of this life...go on...


So did you think of things such as "a house", "a good job", "security", "enough food" etc? We are willing to bet you did. You, for sure, didn't say, "I'd like bombs dropped on my head" or "I'd like to starve to death" or "I'd like to be scared for the rest of my life" or "I'd like to have to walk 20 miles a day for clean water".

So you're human, and you want the best for yourself. That makes sense. Now, as another thought exercise, think of 5 things you want for the planet...


Again, what did you think? Did you think of things like "world peace", "an end to famine", "no more poverty", "no more pollution"? We dare say you did.

So if you hold those ideals and we hold those ideals and most of the people you know hold those ideals, how can you conclude that humans are greedy and selfish?

You may argue that an individual might choose to have a benefit before granting that to another individual and hence they are selfish. However, under this current system, they could be labelled pragmatic as every benefit is hard won and we are all, by the nature of the system, in competition with each other; for jobs, for resources etc etc.

You may even think the concept of a collective and actually working for others is an altruistic way of behaving. You are being asked to "give up" your time to toil and work towards the ends of humanity. You seem to "sacrifice" each hour for the benefit of the whole of humanity. That is actually the case and is the goal of this movement.

You would have to work for the whole of humanity and every other human would have to do the same. That is part of the deal.

So how can working for the collective directly benefit you?

It's very simple; you are part of the collective. And as every other human is working towards the betterment of the living conditions of the collective then, by definition, your living conditions will improve.

So if you can state I want to live without the fear of:

  • redundancy and unemployment
  • becoming homeless without shelter or warmth
  • being drafted to the army
  • having no food on the table
  • being subjected to poverty, genocide, famine or war
  • suffering oppression
  • what the powers that be have in store for me

Then logically you can realise that the best way to achieve such goals is to ensure that everyone else is spared the same fears and assaults to their humanity too. You are, after all, part of the collective of humans on this planet.

Therefore, even if you do consider yourself "selfish" or you do consider yourself "greedy" and you do "want it all", then the best way of having it all is to ensure that everyone else has it all too. As that, by definition, includes you.

Therefore working for the collective can be seen as the most "self centred" thing you can do as all of the benefits that each human has access to, you also have access to.

By giving your time to the collective, it gives you it right back, multiplied by 6,500,000,000.

To work out how you can share this message please see the Tell Others page and join our Forum.

When you know how the world works
It's easy to make a difference

Slide 47 - What about Animal Farm? Navigation Home
Constructed cartoon image of the animals in Animal farm putting the iconic line '...more equal than others...' on a barn door.

What about animal farm?

George Orwell is much quoted from his books Animal Farm and 1984. Many of the ideas from both books have been absorbed into our language for example the concept of "Big Brother" and "room 101" from 1984.

Probably the most famous quote from Animal Farm is:

"All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others."
Both books draw on past events and the concept of totalitarianism as themes throughout. The events that unfolded after the Russian Revolution with the rise of Stalin preoccupied Orwell. However it is important to remember that they are works of fiction.

Animal Farm as an allegory to the events surrounding the Russian Revolution is very transparent. Which is how it was intended but it is nevertheless, as Orwell states himself, a "fairytale".

Obviously this movement distances itself from any aspects of totalitarianism and we are committed to shaping the future so that such events are never repeated.

We firmly believe that it is possible to learn from history, not just about it.

To join the discussion, come along to our Forum and make your voice heard.

Understanding now is the key to shaping the future

Slide 48 - It'll cost too much to tell everyone Navigation Home
An unknown, to us, man gives a speach at speakers corner in London.

It'll cost too much to tell everyone

We need a vast number of humans to engage with the ideas and concepts here.

How can we afford to tell every one of them?

Thankfully we have the tools of our efforts and labours to date. Capitalism has brought us closer to every human on the planet despite its inefficient time and resource management systems.

We have:

  • cheap air fares
  • television
  • cheap phone calls
  • cars
  • radio
  • public transport
  • the internet

And we have word of mouth.

The internet is one of the most significant human made structures on the planet and, as we know, once we've paid the connection charges, which can be very minimal in some cases, we are free to communicate with anyone who is willing to listen, no matter which continent they reside on. That is almost "free speech" in terms of cost.

Even if the internet disappeared tomorrow due to the companies that own it actually pulling the plug, it would still be very easy to communicate to every human on the planet via phone calls or word of mouth or other mass communication media such as newspapers or TV.

Start to make an impact now by telling just 10 people.

For more details see our Tell Others page and join our Forum

Slide 49 - You'll never get everyone to agree Navigation Home
Cartoon image of a see-saw with the right side weighed down by a pyramid of humans and the other people on the left hand side sliding towards them.

You'll never get everyone to agree

You may have come to the conclusion that people have such diverse ideas about what should be done to move humanity forward that a consensus can never be reached.

We don't agree.

This movement wants the following for humanity:

We want an end to:

  • all wars
  • all famine
  • joblessness
  • genocide
  • poverty
  • corruption
  • religious intolerance
  • exploitation
  • pollution
  • antagonistic competition

We want to move to:

  • the next stage of energy production
  • the next stage of government.
  • commodity production for humanity and not for profit.
  • the next stage of thought.

Do you agree that you want all of those things too?

The news is that the majority of humans on the planet agree with you!

We can rid ourselves of the negative aspects of the current system that haunt our lives by collaborating towards our goals. In the process we can open up a whole range of positive life style choices along the way.

We already agree on the larger issues, so join us and help us to define the future.

To join the discussion, come along to our Forum and make your voice heard.

If we never try, we'll never know

Slide 55 - Groups Navigation Home




If you would like to meet with other people in your local area who are also interested in the goals of this website you can look for, or start up a group by clicking the link below.

Meetup dot com logo

  Six humans lying on their backs, seen from above, shoulder to shoulder forming a circle.
Slide 56 - Contribute Navigation Home




We hope to maintain dynamic content by providing you with the opportunity of contributing reports, essays, art work, ideas or anything else you think may be useful to reach the widest audience possible.

If you are able to translate any of the content into other languages we would also be interested in hearing from you.

All suggestions welcome.

Contact Us

  One half of a tug-of-war as seen from the center of the rope.
Slide 57 - Contact Navigation Home




We hope that you have found the site informative and are inspired to go and tell 10 people about it.

If you would like to contact us about any aspect of the site you can do so by clicking on the link below.

info @ realityinfo.org  

  A stylised pictorial representation of the topography of the internet.
Slide 58 - Links Navigation Home
Scientifc image showing neurons in the brain forming connections.


This site highlights the root cause of a whole host of single issues affecting this planet.

Below we have provided links to sites that may describe these single issues in more detail and you may find them informative.

We have included links to mainstream and alternative news channels as well as political and campaigning sites.

We do not condone or have any power or sway over the content of the sites below and as such we make no claim to their validity or fitness for purpose and we are not affiliated with any of them.

If you have a link you would like included here simply get in touch with us.


Information and campaigning sites

World Development movement
People & Planet
Rainforest Foundation
Burma Campaign
Campaign against the arms trade
Global campaign for free expression
Privacy International
Humanitarian support for communities through women
Save Darfur Coalition
Humanitarian Organisation supporting Guantanamo Bay Prisoners
Hands Up For...Information site for young people
Avaaz - Global Activists
Global directory of organisations
Information on energy supply issues

News Sites

BBC News
CNN News
Aljazeera News
The Register(I.T. News)
Indy Media
Slide 60 - In Depth Navigation Home
Content Only Means Imagination Getting Bigger. So Follow Your Nose. A phrase that uses the letters C o m i n g   S o o n

In Depth

This section is currently under construction and in time will discuss concepts central to this movement such evolution, change and the organic nature of life.

In the mean time, we will leave you with the words opposite.

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