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The Tea Chain...

You are connected
You are not alone
You are part of this world
You have the solution within you
The world needs you to try

Welcome to the growing group of people on this planet
who want more from life.

Imagine a cup of tea you've made:
You took a cup
You boiled some water
You took a tea bag
Think about that tea bag

For that tea bag to exist, at all,
humans had to plough fields,
plant tea bushes
and tend those bushes.

Others picked the tea

and packaged the tea

transported the tea and
stacked and sold you the leaves
in a shop or supermarket.

You are connected to all of those humans in that chain of production.

Without them you would have no tea.

There may have been thousands of humans involved.

Those humans have lives. They exist.

They have a direct impact on your life;
you have a teabag for your tea.

You are connected to them.
They are connected to you.

If it was not for you, using their tea bag, their lives would be dramatically different.

And that's just the tea bag...

Think about the cup...
Think about the water...
Think about the energy supply...

How many connected humans were involved?
All this effort so you can have a cup of tea.

You are part of this collective of humanity.

You are not alone.

Welcome to the realisation


Scotland, UK


Email: reallyconnected@yahoo.com

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